23 from 2015

Four Tet – Morning/evening
Floating Points – Elaenia
Sean Johnston – white light mix
Voices from the lake – live at MAXXI
Max Richter – From sleep
That’s the top 5 there
Donnacha Costello – ambient mix
Nils Frahm – late night tales
Hardway bros – death by repetition mix
Telemachus – In Morocco
Peter von Hassen – labrynth mix
Bachar Mar-Khalife – Ya balad
Pete Rock – Petestrumentals 2
Hip hop is dead
Mushrooms Project – Psilocybe Odyssey
Follakzoid – iii
Only decent rock I heard this year
Robert Aiki Lowe & Ariel Kalma – we know each other somehow
Yagya – will I dream deepchord redesigns
Simon Scott – Insomni
Simon Scott – Below sea level
Holly Herndon – Platform
Probably the most innovative music here
Kristin Hersh – Hips & Makers
Fave oldie…after reading her amazing book Paradoxical Undressing. Oh and…
Bob Marley – Songs of Freedom
Keith’s 7s: Human League, the passions, ian dury, john foxx and loads more
Africa Express – Terry Riley in C
Woulda liked to listen to this more. Maybe one for 2016….

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