Green Man Festival

I don’t particularly like Green Man. Its organisers are excessively touchy. It seems far too pleased with itself (although it’s not alone there) and it all looks a bit too serious. It seems excessively beardy. (Yes, some of my best friends have beards but you know what I mean.)

But despite all this, I’d still like to go. I think it probably has all the things that make a festival great. And it consistently has a cracking, eclectic line-up of bands. Take 2013, for example. They have: Midlake, Roy Harper, John Cale, Fuck Buttons, Andrew Weatherall, Lau, Jon Hopkins and Erol Alkan.

Actually that last name stands out like a sore thumb. Perhaps… maybe… it could do with more party vibes, a bit more of a swing in its hips, a little fun, perhaps. Still, people like it. And I think I would too. Ain’t cheap though.

Where: Near Crickhowell, Wales

When: August 15th – 19th, 2013

Cost: £145

Official website: Green Man

Your thoughts?

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