Day Zero Festival

So here I am sitting in my little house in La Manzanilla on the Pacific coast of Mexico, when I read this fabulous interview in FACT mag. Day Zero Festival sounds like the most fabulous festival created. And it’s in Mexico! And I just happen to be in Mexico!!

Only problem is that it’s 1,454.4 miles away. Google maps reckons it’ll take me about a day and a few hours. I think they’re being optimistic. And I got two kids to look after and my mother in law is coming to stay….

Never mind, check this mix by Crosstown Rebels head honcho Damian Lazarus. If, like me, you can’t get to Playa Del Carmen, this will still have you howling at the moon.

If you can get to the festival, just do it. Lazarus soundtracked the sunrise at Burning Man and promises even better in Mexico.

Events like Day Zero Festival are the reason My Festival Life exists.


Your thoughts?

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