Music as Medicine 2: water

This mix was created to give my friend Richard some soothing sounds while he was recovering from a stroke.

I’d had the idea of a water-themed mix on the back burner for years, after spending a very rainy day on holiday in Spain watching the water rush past the window and thinking of all the water-related tracks that I could. A few of them feature here.

Water seemed to go nicely with the Music/Medicine theme…. water giving life, refreshing etc.

It recently got a boost from those lovely people at Caught by the River, who can claim some of the credit for inspiring it as well.

Featuring Brian Eno, Loscil, Robert Haigh, Johann Johannsson, Linda Perhacs, Virginia Astley, Toumani Diabate, Loscil, Global Communication, Talk Talk, Arovane, Loren Connors, and Erland Cooper.


Your thoughts?

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