My ideal audience is halfway between the chin-stroker and the rave lunatic

“My ideal audience is halfway between the chin-stroker and the rave lunatic,” says Happa here.

Mine too, Happa.

“I’d ideally be able to drop an obscure ambient tune or have a whole half hour section of stuff in a set that isn’t necessarily that easy to dance to, but then be able to switch it up into something a bit sillier and the crowd to still lose their shit. But obviously you can’t always have that whenever you want and it’s a good challenge having to work alongside a crowd and doing the best you can to maybe show them something they haven’t heard before, challenge them a little bit as well, to show them a good time and get them dancing. It’s one of the best feelings when you’ve got one of those crowds you can just do anything with and they’ll be up for it, but it’s also nice when you actually have a bit of a challenge and you have to really think about what you’re going do next to please a crowd. I think for me it’s trying to find the balance.”

As mission statements go, that just about covers it for me. I might print it out and hang it behind me when I next DJ.

Listen up.



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