ARMS on the South Downs

Al, Rich, Mike and Me; The Squire & Horse; Sussex Golden Ale; Charlie’s Farm Shop; Sheep; Gumber Bothy; a barn and a bed; a walk; too far to Cocking; off-piste; into a pit; flip flops bad; but good for paddling; oh so fresh water; Rave Gandalf; a pint and reminiscence of Steyning beatings; on the chalk; sweet Sussex cyder; BBQ; campfire; Mikey’s vodka; ouch; bacon and eggs; housemartins frenzy; hiking again; the Monarch’s Way; Charles II; The George & Dragon, Houghton, watering hole for King and Elephant; a childhood sweetheart not forgotten; pretty empty Amberley; another pint; cows; a wrong turn; no bloody bridge; how much further?!; marching; sheep; home sweet home; BBQ; no food; lots of cider; lots of laughs; sleep, breakfast; more sheep; home. x


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