Xavi: the greatest footballer who ever lived

Let me just tell you how much I love Xavi…. People used to talk about midfield generals. I think they were generally talking about a Bryan Robson or, maybe a Lothar Matthaus as the ultimate expression of the midfield general. Being a midfield general was as much about brawn and hard tackling as it was about controlling the game. Xavi does not need brawn to control a game yet he controls football games (nay, he has controlled an era) like no other footballer I have seen.
Xavi is all perpetual motion. He is constantly on the move, making himself available for a return pass and always, always passing to his own player. He keeps the game flowing and generally keeps his team flowing forward. He seems to have a total awareness of where everybody is on the pitch at all times. This enables him to avoid the opposition and always find his own man.
And he can see passes that nobody else can. Last night against Man City (see video at 6.40), he shaped to shoot and passed the ball to Fabregas (who was given offside but wasn’t) with a ball that was as beautifully disguised as you’ll see. And it was right in his path. In the perfect place. It always is. Xavi simply knows and understands football, its angles and movements better than anyone else that ever lived.

Your thoughts?

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