My Musical Life 2013

In this day and age it seems bonkers to split newies and oldies so here you go, in very rough order of favouredness:

Voices from the Lake: Voices from the Lake (2012)

Recondite: On Acid (2012)

Donato Dozzy: Dozzy plays Bee Mask (2013)

DJ Sprinkles: Queerifications & Ruins (2013)

Samba Toure: Albala (2013)

Mushrooms Project: Undergrass (2013)

Sam Lee: A ground of its own (2012)

A Love from Outer Space: We are One (2011)

Sean Johnstone: Hardway Brothers in the Deep Midwinter (2012)

Nightmares on Wax: Feelin’ Good (2013)

Telemachus: In the evening (2013)

Mark Ernestus presents Jeri-Jeri: 800% Ndagga (2013)

Pentangle: Cruel Sister (1970)

Bert Jansch: Jack Orion (1966)

My Bloody Valentine – mbv (2013)


Your thoughts?

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