MyMusicalLife: Mushrooms Project – Undergrass LP

I’ve really never heard an album like this before. The comparison I keep coming back to is Pink Floyd’s ‘One of these Days’ from the Meddle LP. A long-lost friend once told me about a DJ who started his set with ‘One of these Days’ before slamming in some techno track or other. I’ve never heard it done but it always sounded like a magical mix. It was told by a great storyteller too. You could almost feel the ecstasy explosion on the dancefloor.

Every song on this album sounds a bit like a disco version of ‘One of these Days’ – but without the climax. The remarkable thing about this album – one of the remarkable things – is that it builds and builds and builds but never really climaxes. Ever.

None of the tracks on this album ever really explode but somehow the grooves are so good (oh man, does it roll) that it just does not matter.

The grooves keep you in a constant state of pent up excitement that never quite bursts. That sounds shit; frustrating. Yet it’s not.

These Italian boys know grooves. Really, this is the perfect groove album. It just rolls and rolls and rolls. Deep, dark, funky and, of course, very, very druggy. Well, it is the Mushrooms Project.


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