Shambala launches Starry Skies family holiday

The good folk from Shambala have just announced their Starry Skies family camping holidays. I’m not quite sure what to make of this. On the one hand I have complete faith in the Shambala posse to pull off whatever they turn their hands to, but on the other hand, this kinda thing semi-fills me with dread.

It is limited to 200 families, which is still quite a lot. That’s potentially, around 400 kids running around causing mayhem….which of course could be fun or could be your idea of hell.

Personally, I don’t really understand the need for this. Shambala and other festivals are great for kids and adults alike. The diversity of age is part of the beauty of festivals. This is a four-day festival without the really good festival bits….like the music, for example. It will have less nutters (a bad thing in my book) and less freakiness (another bad thing). I guess that may appeal to other parents.

I hope (expect maybe) to be proved wrong but Starry Skies just looks a little too like a trendy Butlins for my liking. 400 kids!! Maaaan….that’s like going to school.

This posting was edited after it was pointed out the capacity of Starry Skies is 200 families, not 350 as originally stated.



  1. Hi there,
    Just thought we (Shambala) should clarify a few things…

    Starry Skies is definitely not a festival, it’s a family camping holiday with a capacity of 200 families not 350 as you say. Starry Skies is designed specifically for families, think of it as a family camp with some festival touches thrown in, not the other way around! We wanted to create a family camping holiday with some great activities, a beautiful location, fantastic facilities at an affordable price (£250 per family ticket with the Sham-ily discount code).

    We’ve created Starry Skies in response to some Shambala going parents’ request for something that is entirely family focused, without any of the “nutters” and “freaks” you mention (all of whom have a special place in our hearts, of course, but this aspect of festivals can be difficult when you have little ones to take care of).

    We totally understand that loads of kids running around (although there won’t be anything like 700 of them!) isn’t your idea of fun but we’re confident that we’ve created a unique family event where kids can roam free and safely in nature and parents can relax and enjoy some “me time”. Hopefully this clarifies things a bit. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to email

    The Shambala Team x

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