BT River of music festival: Africa

This was a great gig for three quid. (NOT free as the organisers claimed.) Justin Adams and his juju band were funky. Angelique Kidjo was entertaining if bordering on cheesy. Nice covers of Curtis’s Move on Up and Redemption Song. King Sunny Ade rocked with added rap from fellow Nigerian Wizzboy. And Baaba Maal is the king of Africa and majestic as ever.

London Pleasure Gardens is a great venue too; by the docks with industrial and City backdrop very dramatic. It should mature into a great festival venue. One issue: how the hell did the organisers allow everything to get so behind schedule that Baaba Maal had to be cut short? Very poor. Maal glared at someone when scratchy sound interrupted one song. I can’t imagine he was too impressed by having to leave the stage after just 40 mins.


Your thoughts?

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