BT blah the end

Zakir Hussein: billed as the world’s greatest tabla player and who am I to argue. But you should be wary of anyone who describes his band as a project. Especially when the project is Indo-celtic fusion. Just crap. So bad I left before Transglobal Underground. Which is a shame.

After the highs of the Africa stage yesterday, this was a dreadful comedown. Okay, you could argue that the music just wasn’t my bag but it just seemed badly programmed to me.  Transglobal Underground would have got the party going. But what the hell were mid-life crisis party DJs Guilty Pleasures doing topping the bill? On both days! Apparently they were closing proceedings with an “Asian themed party” of “shameless blameless fun”. Or the organisers were just desperate to fill the bill with something. Anything.

Oh, and the beer was twice the price of yesterday’s, which was already £4.50 a pint. Poor.


Your thoughts?

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