Festival feelings…. Shambala 2011

Totally forgot to do this…Shambala was wet. Very wet. That was a bit shit really but it’s a great festival with all the right ingredients.

Music veered a little towards student bands (or so it seemed) with reggae-punk-ska mashups a-plenty. But the likes of Babyhead and Johnny Clarke tore up the main stage. Can’t remember much more, which is remiss of me but also indicative of the fact that I didn’t see much…either due to weather or my lack of interest.

Freaky ambient horrorcore/angelcore sonic shit going on in the forest was a real highlight with one of the best stage settings I have seen – kinda a treehouse.

Kids’ area was nice too and lots of lovely wee tents with interesting goings on – dubstep/reggae tent seemed large but a bit hardcore for my wee ones. Nice folk music in one too. Didn’t visit the cinema tent but that looked good….Kids’ area was nice.

General good vibe despite the weather with a chilled crowd of partygoers. I’d like to go back next year and see/feel it in the sunshine.

As that was a crappy review, here’s a video. Think this makes it look better than it was but certainly sums up the good vibes:


Your thoughts?

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