Andrew Weatherall: a short history

  Not many people would have heard of Andrew Weatherall (or Andy, as he was known then) before he played at Shoom. “While most of his contemporaries were black music fans desperately hunting down the indie and rock highlights of Alfredo`s Amnesia sets, Weatherall – “that bloke with the weird records” – had his own collection […]

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Susumu Yokota – 10 classic albums

Susumu Yokota is probably my favourite artist (today). I can think of nobody who crafts such delicate and beautiful sounds from such a wide array of sources. Yokota first attracted attention outside his native Japan in 1992 with the album Frankfurt-Tokyo Connection on Harthouse. It is a fairly straightforward selection of banging 303 trance that […]

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Music and musings 2018

Is it too late to reflect on 2018? I hope not. Surely it’s never too late for reflecting. Much of 2018 raced by in a bit of a blur for me. Despite the longest, hottest summer on record, I never found time to sleep under the stars – as I did in 2017, when I […]

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Some new ambient bits

[Well, new to me] Loving this from the Tangerine Dream front man   And I don’t know how I missed Global Communication’s remix album back in the day. I’ve always been quite nerdy about seeking out their stuff. But this is the most perfect Ibiza chillout-style record you ever wanted to hear. And that description does its beauty […]

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